Negotiations with Philips do result in positive changes in the Personal Development and Care Days for employees

dinsdag 4 februari 2020

The input of our members did result in adjustments in the welfare- leave proposal of Philips in a way that is beneficial to employees.

What were the objections against the Philips-proposal?

• Managers didn’t like the idea of questioning the request for care and developmentdays.  Is the aunt really sick: is the employee really going to follow that course etc ……

• Employees don’t want to disclose their private life to their manager in order to qualify for an employee right. A solution would be that the manager only checks whether the operational management is endangered by the leave.

• It is completely unclear which reasons for care or development are eligible for leave. 

Philips has listened carefully to our objections and the scheme has been fundamentally improved. The most important commitments:

• The assessment of the application for the care and development days will be done by the manager solely on the basis of its organizational feasibility (important business-economic interest).

• In the context of good labour relations in which the employee and employer trust each other, an employee does not have to provide an explanation for the request of the care and development days.

• HR ensures that the agreements made are implemented in this way and HR can be involved if an agreement leads to discussions.

Voice of our members
A slight majority of our members already agreed to the proposal of Philips. Thanks to the additional commitments, we think we have improved the proposal significantly.

That’s the way we do it. Listening to our members and translate the objections of our members into workable solutions.

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