Result of our member consultation ASML

donderdag 20 februari 2020

VHP2 asked the members about their opinion about an own ASML collective labour agreement (CLA) versus the Metalektro CLA. Most of the members who responded have the desire to include more company-specific matters in the CLA on behalf of a more customized CLA for the employees at ASML.

At the same time, many of our members consider a sectoral CLA a safe idea. Being part of a large sector protects employees. Because at ASML the level of organization of employees is relatively low and because many employees are internationals, many of our members expect that the counterforce that employees can organize at ASML is too low against ASML's desires.

Our members are positive about the option of a CLA B. The CLA Metalektro is a minimum CLA. Employers are free to deviate from the articles of the CLA Metalektro in a positive sense. With a CLA B, a company can also deviate negatively from many articles from the CLA Metalektro as long as this is agreed with the trade unions.

Short summary:

• Members feel comfortable within the CLA Metalektro

• Members also feel the need for more customization

• The preference of members is for a CLA B

This discussion makes clear the importance of well-organized employees. Many employees are not yet familiar with the work of the VHP2. In the coming months, we go to increase the visibility of VHP2 and explain the benefit of being part of a trade union at ASML. Join your colleagues and make your voice heard through us.

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